Injured in a Car Accident in New Tampa?

New Tampa Auto Accident AttorneyInjured in a car or truck accident? Contact us for a free consultation today! Most car accidents are the result of driver negligence. Drunk drivers are a very common problem in the New Tampa area and throughout the region.

Distracted drivers are all over the roads. We must hold these negligent drivers accountable for the harm you have suffered! You need an experienced and skilled attorney. When a victim of a car or truck accident loses their life or suffers a permanent injury or disability, there may be grounds for extensive financial compensation from the party responsible. We will review every aspect of your claim and present your case for you.


David Bulluck: Trusted Personal Injury Attorney serving New Tampa

New Tampa Auto Accident Attorneys

David Bulluck, Founder of Bulluck Law Group

We are aggressive personal injury attorneys. We focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases. Here at Bulluck Law Group we know the importance of personal relationships and building trust. We are invested in our clients and will devote ourselves to their case.

The Bulluck Law Group exists to help those who have been wronged and resolve problems for our clients who have suffered serious injury or lost loved ones in car accidents. We have built Bulluck Law Group with one thing in mind: To obtain justice for individuals and their families in the New Tampa area as well as both Florida state courts and federal courts. At Bulluck Law Group, clients work with their attorneys one on one. We will come to you if you are in the hospital or at home after a major injury. We want to make sure as the client you receive the best medical treatment you can.

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