Life Insurance Claim

Life Insurance Claim2018-05-01T11:30:13-03:00

When a loved one passes away, the loss can have a substantial impact on the family financially. A life insurance policy is good tool to provide financial support to your family for burial expenses and loss of income. However, the life insurance company may deny the claim.

When making a life insurance claim, it is important to comply with the insurance company’s requirements. Typically, the insurance company requires a certificate of death and completion of their specific claim form. The timeliness and how these forms are completed are crucial in making a claim for payment of life insurance proceeds. Otherwise, the insurance company will deny the claim.

Life insurance companies will may deny just claims or make unsatisfactory settlement offers without making a reasonable investigation into the claim or failing to adopt and implement standards for proper investigation of the claim. After a denial, the statute of limitations or length of time available to file a lawsuit against a life insurance company for denial of payment is five years.

Our knowledge and experience can assist you in making these claims against your homeowners insurance company. If your insurance company denies your claim, Florida insurance law requires your homeowners insurance company to pay your attorney fees and costs.

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