BP Oil Spill Claims AppealsBP Oil Spill claims appeals from eligibility notice

A settlement agreement was reached to pay businesses and individuals in states surrounding the Gulf of Mexico for economic losses. There is no cap on the amount of money BP will ultimately pay out. As a result, BP has set aside billions of dollars to pay claims.

Successful BP Claims Appeals

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients representing them in BP Oil Spill Claims. On appeal, we have been successful in obtaining more money than originally offered in the Eligibility Notice.

Let us review your Eligibility Notice for an appeal or defend your total compensation amount following BP’s appeal of your Eligibility Notice. There is no charge for a free initial evaluation. If we decide to take your claim, our fees are contingent on recovering for you. You will not pay us a retainer or hourly fee.

The appeals process in a BP Claim is time sensitive. Contact us immediately to review your Eligibility Notice and represent you in your appeal.

BP Claims Appeals FAQ:

Why do I need an attorney for my BP Claim Appeal?

Once you receive your Eligibility Notice, BP has to ability to appeal the Notice. Your Claim is governed by a Settlement Agreement that was confirmed by Court Order and subsequently interpreted by Claims Policies. The merits of your claim will be decided on appeal by judges. You need our representation, to increase the value of your claim on appeal using the Settlement Agreement and subsequent policies. Do not risk losing your Total Compensation Amount on appeal because you did not get an attorney!

What businesses can make a BP Claim?

The BP business loss settlement agreement was designed to reach a broad variety of businesses. All businesses industries are eligible except for those that have been specifically excluded in the areas of banking, gaming, financial, insurance, oil and gas, real estate developers, defense contractors, and entities selling BP fuel.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for Bulluck Law Group to perform an initial evaluation for your claim. If we accept representation, our fees our contingent upon recovery. You owe us no fees or costs unless we recover for you.

What is the Gulf coast region?

Any business located in a Florida Gulf coast county and the Florida Keys, or located in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are in a zone eligible to make a BP claim.

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