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At Bulluck Law Group, we approach estate planning differently than other estate planning attorneys.  Because a significant aspect of our law firm involves trial advocacy, our Tampa estate planning attorneys approach estate planning with the experience and goal to eliminate unnecessary probate litigation.  We will ensure that your Last Will and Testament contains your personal wishes for your property after you pass away.Estate Planning - Tampa attorney

In planning for your future, it is important to make arrangements to protect your loved ones.  Other important decisions needs to be made in advance, as part of your estate planning, that include your personal health and financial responsibility such as, whether to accept life support procedures, nominating a health care surrogate to make your medical decisions in the event you are unable, and designating a power of attorney.

Although some estate plans require more extensive legal documents that include trusts and Medicare/Medicaid asset protection, a typical estate plan will include the following:

After a loved one’s passing, we will also help probate their estate so that their property passes to the rightful beneficiaries.  Click here for more information on Probate.

If you would like to have us review your current estate planning documents or meet with us about additional questions you may have, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

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