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Do you need advice from a lawyer about a personal injury? Bulluck Law Group has an excellent success rate in personal injury cases in the Sarasota area. To talk to a personal injury attorney, contact us by phone or fill out our contact form. There’s no obligation to choose a Bulluck Law Group accident lawyer as your personal injury attorney, but we would be willing to review your case for free and talk about your options for legal recourse. We are contingency lawyers and our fees come from your settlement.

Bulluck Law Group: Serving Sarasota and the Surrounding Area

We are known for our success rate, our satisfied clients, and for the customer service you receive from every member of the Bulluck Law Group team. We highly recommend contacting us before you contact an insurance company, wherever possible. We can facilitate the insurance claims process, knowing your rights and helping you avoid lowball offers.

If insurance claims are denied, are unfavorable, or there’s a scenario where there is no insurance, we are happy to help you explore other avenues, including lawsuits.

Bulluck Law Group’s personal injury lawyers know how difficult it can be to deal with debilitating injuries. They can rob you of quality of life, can have a huge impact on your finances, and they can make life difficult in terms of mobility, enjoyment, and stress levels. We strive to work on our clients’ behalf so that they have their medical costs covered and are compensated for loss of income including the fact that their injury could limit their future income earning potential.

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