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Bulluck Law Group: Tampa Product Liability Attorneys

Product liability cases arise from a defective product that was negligently designed or malfunctions to causing personal injury. A defective product cant be any good if a consumer buys an item that causes personal injury: such as a car tire, baby crib, pool drain cover, or piece of machinery.Tampa Product Liability Attorney

The Bulluck Law Groups product liability attorneys take pride in representing you in liability cases. The manufacturers and sellers of defective or negligently designed products are liable to the buyer and those who have sustained a personal injury by the product. In some instances liability may already be admitted because the defective product has been recalled by the manufacturer. However, it is important to save each defective product as evidence and for testing. Some product liability cases warrant the recovery of punitive damages if we can prove the manufacturer knew of the defective design of a product before the product was placed into the stream of commerce.

Sometimes it may not be necessary to prove the product was defective. There are instances where a manufacturer fails to provide the proper instructions or warnings concerning the use of the product that resulted in a personal injury or even wrongful death. This failure to warn or provide the proper instructions, in some instances, can be enough to prevail in a products liability case.

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