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Bulluck Law Group: Tampa Slip and Fall Attorneys

At Bulluck Law Group, our Tampa lawyers have successfully represented clients in slip and fall cases. Injury from premise liability cases can occur from a number of situations including: slip and fall, trip and fall, inadequate security, and failure to warn others of dangerous conditions. The most common premise liability cases are slip and fall personal injuries. Also very common are trip and fall injuries that typically occur from lack of proper warning of curbs and changes in pavement elevation in parking lots and store entrances.

Premise Liability

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys have represented clients in numerous variations of premise liability cases. Although each slip and fall or premise liability case is unique, in most instances our Tampa premise liability attorneys have been able to place fault on those that fail to; warn others of danger, remedy a dangerous condition, or provide adequate security. Tampa Slip And Fall Attorney

In your premise liability case, it is important to save all evidence that documents a dangerous condition existed for a period of time prior to your personal injury occurring. This includes obtaining names and numbers of all potential witnesses, photographing the dangerous condition, notifying the store manager and filing an incident report, and contacting one of our Tampa personal injury lawyers to preserve any surveillance video. If you did not take the above precautions, please contact one of our
premise liability
attorneys in Tampa now to see if you still have a claim.

If you have questions concerning a premise liability or slip and fall claim, please contact one of our Tampa personal injury attorneys for a free and personal case evaluation. Call 813-988-7800