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Bulluck Law Group is specialized in representing those with personal injury cases. Do you need a car accident lawyer? We can help. We can also take your case on contingency, meaning that all fees come out of the settlement we help you receive. This also means that if we accept your case, you won’t pay if we aren’t able to get you a settlement.

The Importance of Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney

A Tarpon Springs auto accident attorney can help you whether you need to file for injuries sustained from a car accident with your insurance company or you need to sue someone else directly. We recommend that as soon as you’ve been injured and have sought out medical attention, that you contact us. We will ask that you document all details while they are fresh in your mind and then we can deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

If you’ve already had some time pass since the accident you sustained injuries from, please contact us anyway. We would be happy to offer a free case evaluation so that we can help you assess the situation and discuss next steps.

Filing a Lawsuit for Car Accident Injuries

In many cases, a lawsuit does not need to be filed. We file a report with your insurance company and work to collect on your behalf. Feel free to contact us to review your case and to get answers to your questions about medical treatment, about funds for lost wages, about our fees, which are set by the Florida Bar association, and any other questions.

You deserve the best representation you can find. We are known in Tarpon Springs, FL and elsewhere in the state for our excellent results, for our customer service, and for our continency based fees that make it easy for injured individuals to get the legal representation they need and deserve!

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