Self-Driving Car Accident Lawyer

In 2016, the Florida legislature made Florida the first state in the nation to legalize the driving of fully automated or self-driving vehicles on public roads without requiring a person behind the driver’s wheel. Car manufacturers and corporations are working to implement these technological features into their vehicles. However, the software technology which utilizes cameras and radar for the operation of autonomous or self-driving vehicles is not flawless and has resulted in auto accidents. Unfortunately, Florida was the first state to have a fatal accident caused by a self-driving vehicle when its autonomous technology did not recognize a semi-truck.

At Bulluck Law Group, we are closely following the technology of self-driving cars and changes in the law and we are self-driving car accident lawyers. An accident caused by a self-driving car does not exclude negligence or product liability claims against the car manufacturer, automotive dealership or entity designing the autonomous driving software. Additionally, if you are hit by a self-driving vehicle, Florida Statutes and case law hold responsible the owner of the vehicle for damages.

Using similar legal arguments, Bulluck Law Group won a trial against an automotive dealership when the jury returned a verdict of $1,610,000 in favor of our client. In that case, an automotive dealership negligently performed maintenance to our client’s vehicle. As our client was driving her vehicle, the negligence mechanic work caused a mechanical failure leading to an accident with injuries.

If you are involved in an accident involving a self-driving or autonomous vehicle, it is crucial to immediately preserve evidence by downloading data from the self-driving vehicle’s software.

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