St. Petersburg Back Injury Lawyers

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St. Petersburg Back Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury because of another person or organization’s negligence in St. Petersburg, you should consider talking to an attorney about the possibility of compensation from the negligent party. Back injuries are a serious and, unfortunately, common occurrence. They can range from temporary pain to life-changing debilitation. Some back injuries even lead to permanent paralysis. As St. Petersburg back injury lawyers, we are committed to getting you the fair compensation you deserve.

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The compassion team at Bulluck Law Group is devoted to helping people in the St. Petersburg area recover from unreasonable and unfair injuries with compensation for medical care, lost wages, and other losses. We will prioritize your case and offer you a free consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you. Our Attorneys have nearly a decade of successful and effective representation and will utilize that skill with your case. Contact Bulluck Law Group for more information about how we can help you get compensation for your back injury.

Most Serious Back Injuries

The back is one of the most dangerous locations where you can suffer an injury. It holds an entire system of nerves, bones, and muscles. Your spinal column includes nerves that control motor function and sensation for most of your body. It is in charge of communicating messages from your brain to the rest of your body. Because the spinal column is such a significant part of your back, back injuries can lead to extremely severe damage that could cause permanent or long-term debilitation.

If a negligent person causes a severe back injury, it could mean lifelong medical care. Some of the most severe back injuries include:

  • Tears in your muscle tissue. If your muscle tissue tears, your muscles can become significantly weaker, putting you at a higher risk for more back problems in the future.
  • Herniated discs. The vertebrae in your back have padding between them. If the padding ever bulges out you can experience pain, numbness, or tingling in your back. If you suffer a herniated disc, you may need to get surgery, putting your body through even more stress.
  • Fractured vertebrae. Keeping the vertebrae in your spine stable and secure is vital for maintaining your motor functions. A fractured vertebra may require surgery and stabilization by having doctors insert plates and screws into your back.
  • Pinched nerves. Back injuries can also lead to pinched nerves or a variety of other lower back pain issues.
  • Spinal cord injuries. A Spinal Cord Injury is arguably the most severe back injury that you could experience. Spinal cord injuries can lead to full or partial paralysis and permanently impact your motor function and sensation.

While the injuries are the most extreme, any back injury is serious. Be sure to see and doctor as soon as possible after the incident even if you do not believe that your injury is severe enough to warrant medical involvement. With the back and spine, some injuries can be dormant for hours or even days.

Common Causes of Back Injuries

Any extreme and sudden impact on your back can cause a back injury. Even sudden movement can injure your back in certain situations. People above the age of 65 are often at a higher risk for back injuries because their bones are usually not as strong. Some of the more common causes of back injuries are:

  • Car and motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Accidents that occur because a product malfunctioned
  • Sports and recreational activities injuries
  • Physical assaults or other violent attacks

Personal mistakes do not cause some of these incidents. Poor maintenance of floors or roads, irresponsible driving, or reckless athletics are just a few of the incidents that could cause back injuries. In many of these situations, a negligent party is responsible for the incident. For example, if a store owner did not clean up a spill from the floor and you injured your back falling on it, the store owner would be liable for your injury. If a coach sent a college athlete back onto the field after a back injury, he or she might be held accountable for the aftermath of further damage.

In many cases, people who suffer injury don’t get the help they need from the responsible party. At Bulluck Law Group, we are willing and ready to go up against stubborn and aggressive defenses to prove that the defendant caused your back injury.

Potential Damages

We can help you reach a settlement with the other party; however, we are also ready to go to court to ensure fair treatment. If your case is successful, the court may award you damages. One of the main things that the court can order the defendant to compensate you for is your medical bills. Medical bills would include the cost of hospitalization, doctor visits, surgery, or any other medical expenses that you had because of the injury. Along will surgery and hospitalization compensation, the court could also award you damages for any previous or future physical and rehabilitation therapy that you might need as well as the cost for medications that the doctors prescribe to you.

Back Pain - Bulluck Law GroupSometimes, back injuries are severe enough that they require the victim to adjust his or her physical surroundings so that he or she can function. The court could award you damages for any modifications that you need for your home, including wheelchair ramps, wheelchair bars, and any other additions to allow you to live in your home comfortably.

The court could also order the defendant to compensate you for lost wages. Lost wages would include money that you lost because of days that you had to take off work during your recovery. Additionally, the court could award you damages if the injury reduced your earning potential. If you are no longer capable of performing the same job because of your physical injury, the defendant could be responsible for paying the difference between the salary you used to make and the salary you can make after the incident.

If your injury was severe enough to cause emotional or mental trauma, the courts could also award you damages for pain and suffering. To prove pain and suffering, your attorney may call some people to testify about your emotional state before and after the injury. In some cases, dealing with a permanent injury is enough to prove emotional trauma.

What Do I Do If I Hurt My Back at Work?

If you injure your back while you are at work, some additional regulations may apply to your case. In Florida, employers must have workers’ compensation if they have a certain number of workers; that number depends on the industry. Workers’ compensation regulations are in place to give employees support if they hurt themselves while they are working. Workers’ compensation ensures that, regardless of fault, an injured employee can get the help they need.

In Florida, you have a month to report a back injury to your employer and begin a workers’ compensation claim. It is a good idea to get an attorney because many companies will do all they can to minimize your injury so that they do not need to pay you as much. An experienced attorney can help prevent them from taking advantage of you.

Contact a St. Petersburg Back Injury Attorney

If you injured your back because of another person’s negligence or recklessness, you have the right to hold them accountable for actions. Bulluck Law Group has proven results, and we will do all that we can to help you reach a fair settlement or win your case should it come to court. Contact Bulluck Law Group for a free consultation about your situation and more information about filing a back-injury claim.

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