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Injuries to the head and brain are some of the most catastrophic a victim can suffer. Each year in Tampa, head injuries such as concussions (the most common type of traumatic brain injury) cause missed work, hospital stays, bedrest, and the inability to enjoy favorite daily activities. If a head injury affects the brain, it could cause serious consequences such as lifelong brain damage, cognitive difficulties, and hefty medical costs. If you or someone you love has sustained a head injury talk to your Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer experts at Bulluck Law Group.

Why Come to Bulluck Law Group for Legal Assistance?

Bulluck Law Group boasts some of most knowledgeable and experienced head injury lawyers in the Tampa Bay area. For over 10 years, we’ve helped head injury victims secure compensation for financial losses relating to their injuries. We aim to get victims’ lives back on track after someone else’s negligence interrupts them. Let us help you. At Bulluck Law Group, we offer free consultations. We’ll sit with you, tell you if your head injury claim has merit, and help you take the first step forward. Call us at (813) 988-7800 to schedule your free consultation today.

Our compassionate attorneys know that head and brain injuries aren’t just physical. These injuries come with intense emotional and psychological pain and suffering that can last for years after the incident. When you retain our team, we’ll be by your side every step of the way – helping you through this difficult time. We’ll take steps to make sure you come out of your lawsuit debt-free, pursuing a monetary settlement or judgment award that could reimburse you for your medical bills, treatments, cognitive and physical therapies, and your lost time at work. It all starts with a phone call to our Tampa Bay offices.

How Can a Tampa Head Injury Lawyer Help Me?

After almost all accidents involving head injuries, an insurance company will work with you to try to foot the bill. As a victim, you might count on the insurance agent to do what’s best for you and to negotiate a reasonable settlement. Unfortunately, this is not the insurance agent’s job. The agent’s job is to keep the company’s costs as low as possible – no matter what that means for your recovery. To achieve this goal, an insurance agent might try the following tactics:

  • Recommend you see a doctor the agent knows will give you a less serious injury diagnosis
  • Refuse to approve a settlement to cover the full cost of necessary head injury treatments
  • Deny coverage of emergency head/brain injury treatment
  • Limit your coverage for therapies, including physical, occupational, speech, or emotional therapy
  • Trick you into answering a certain way and then using your words against you
  • Unnecessarily delay settlement of your claim for months
  • Unfairly deny your claim and refuse coverage for your head injury

Remember, it is the insurance claim adjuster’s job to convince victims to settle for little to no money. A settlement negotiation can determine your entire future, but to the insurer it’s just about maintaining a healthy bottom line. Luckily, you can protect yourself with help from an attorney. A lawyer will speak directly with insurance companies, showing evidence to support your claim such as medical records and eyewitness statements. At Bulluck Law Group, we often use full diagnoses from doctors who specialize in traumatic head and brain injuries. We’ll determine the true value of your claim and fight for an amount you deserve. Our attorneys will be your legal counselors, negotiators, and allies during intense insurance debates.

Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer

Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer

How Do Most Head Injuries Happen?

Several common types of accidents can cause head and brain injuries, from football tackles at school to car crashes on I-275. The most common causes for head injuries are auto accidents, falls, acts of violence (such as gunshot wounds), and explosions. Acquired head injuries can also affect the brain, and can include accidental drowning, hypoxia, infections, and birth injuries.

Our lawyers have successfully handled head injury cases that stem from all of these causes and others, including assaults, workplace accidents, falling objects, nursing home neglect, and medical malpractice. Most of the common causes of head injuries stem from someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or wanton disregard for the safety of others.

Do I Have a Head Injury Claim?

While you can’t tell for sure whether you have a personal injury claim without talking to a lawyer, know that the majority of head and brain injuries are serious enough (and costly enough) to give the victim grounds to pursue damages from the at-fault party. If someone else’s negligence contributed to your head injury, the chances are high that you have a claim.

To secure compensation, you will need to prove that the defendant (the party allegedly responsible) owed you a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused your head injury. Florida is a no-fault insurance state. This means that to pursue damages outside of the insurance system, a victim’s injuries must be serious or catastrophic enough to qualify as a claim.

We at Bulluck Law Group urge all clients to take head injuries seriously. The brain is a sensitive organ that’s crucial for daily life and basic functioning. Even a minor concussion can escalate to swelling in the brain, or more serious complications. Treat all head injuries seriously from the onset, visiting a hospital for medical scans and an official diagnosis. Then, get a legal opinion from one of our Tampa lawyers as early as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Retain a Tampa Head Injury Attorney?

At Bulluck Law Group, we care about people, not profits. Since David Bulluck founded the law group back in 2008, the firm’s main mission is to help injured accident victims in the Tampa Bay community. We believe that if we can’t help a victim, he or she should not have to pay us. We operate on a contingency-fee basis, so you pay nothing unless we win you a financial award.

Your initial consultation will be 100% free and with zero obligation to retain us. You’ll pay nothing up front and nothing after your case concludes unless we win. If we do win your case, our fee comes out as a percentage of your award. We take on all the risk of your case.

Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer

Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer

How Long Do I Have to File a Head Injury Claim in Tampa?

Like all states, Florida has statute of limitations that limit the amount of time a victim has to pursue damages for a personal injury. In Tampa, you generally have four years from the date of your accident or from the date you discover your head injury to file a personal injury claim with the local courts. If your case is against a government body, however, you have three years from the date to file a claim. Cases involving wrongful death from a head injury have two years from the date of death. Missing your deadline can mean losing your right to compensation. Don’t delay – speak to our attorneys today.

Talk to a Tampa Head & Concussion Injury Lawyer

You can’t go back in time and prevent your head or brain injury, but you can start now and change the ending of your story. If you take action today, you can enjoy a better, brighter tomorrow. The one thing you need to know as a head injury patient is that a lawyer can completely change the outcome of your case. At Bulluck Law Group, we can help you get back on your feet, enjoying the best health possible without debt weighing you down. During your free consultation with one of our lawyers, you can explore your legal rights and options. Contact us at (813) 988-7800 or fill out our online form for your cost-free evaluation today.

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