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Tampa Burn Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious burn because of another person or organization’s reckless or negligent behavior, you need help from an experienced Tampa burn injury lawyers. Burns are a common injury in the United States. An estimated 500,000 people each year experience burns that require medical attention. Even more people suffer burns without seeking medical help.

As Tampa burn accident lawyers, the Bulluck Law Group is determined to help as many people as possible with their personal injury cases. We have shown through exceptional results that we work hard and will do everything in our power to represent our clients with strength, focus, and skill. Contact Bulluck Law Group if you have experienced a serious burn in Redington Beach and are considering filing a claim against the guilty party.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns vary significantly in severity and level of damage. The three main types of burns are first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns. First-degree burns only damage the first layer of skin. For example, mild sunburns are first-degree burns. You can usually treat them with a first aid kit and require minimal medical attention.

Second-degree burns damage the top layer of skin as well as the second layer, the dermis. People with second-degree burns can experience sharp pain and develop blisters. In more extreme cases, second-degree burns can also cause scarring.

Medical Treatment

Suffering a third-degree burn is the most painful of the three types of burns. Third-degree burns go deeper than the first two layers of skin. They often appear as white or black. Third-degree burns can destroy nerve endings, which can cause numbness and reduced sensation. The damage can also affect breathing, as the victim could experience smoke inhalation during the burn.

Though almost any burn caused by another person’s negligence warrants a claim, the severity of the burn does influence your claim. If you suffered a severe third-degree burn, you could require extensive therapy and medical attention, which would increase the amount of your claim. Additionally, a more intense burn could lead to more pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Contact with almost any hot surface can cause burns. However, some situations are more common for burn injuries than others. Scalding from hot beverages, food, or household items are all causes of burn injury. Children under the age of four are at exceptionally high risk of burning themselves from scalding.

In 2010, house fires caused 2,500 deaths. House fires can occur from a variety of situations – from an unsupervised candle burning to an electrical issue. Many people also suffer severe burns because of motor vehicle crashes. Malfunctioning airbags or other problems with the car can lead to significant and dangerous fires.

Serious Complications That Can Accompany Burns

FirefighterBurnt skin and damaged nerves are not the only issues that can come from burns. Several other complications can arise after someone has experienced a severe burn. Charred skin leaves the victim’s body more vulnerable to infections, as his or her exterior protection has been weakened. Second and third-degree burns can also leave permanent scarring and cause joint and bone pain as well as limitations in movement and motor function.

If the burn occurred in a large fire such as a house fire, victims could often develop breathing issues. Being in a fire often forces people to inhale hot air and smoke, severely damaging their lungs. Each of the symptoms can also lead to long-lasting chronic pain.

Negligence in Burn Accidents

If another person or organization’s negligence caused your injury, you might have grounds to file a burn injury claim. Proving negligence is the foundational aspect of any personal injury case. To prove negligence, you need to show the court that the defendant owed you a duty of care and they failed to uphold that duty, causing your injury.

For example, motor vehicle drivers accept a duty of care when they get behind the wheel to themselves, other passengers, and other drivers on the road. If your burn happened in a car accident and a reckless driver caused the crash, he or she was acting negligently. Proving the defendant was negligent is a significant factor in winning your burn injury lawsuit.

Potential Damages

The court could award you damages if you win your burn injury case. The most basic damage that the court could grant you is medical expenses. If you spent money on hospitalization, surgery, or any medical services, the court could have the defendant compensate you for the money you spent on your medical care.

DamagesThe court could also order the defendant to compensate you for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering address the mental, physical, and emotional trauma that you have had to deal with because of the injury. To prove the extent of your pain and suffering, your attorney may call witnesses to testify about your state before and after the incident.

The court could award you lost wages as the primary type of damages. Lost wages would include any money that you lost because you needed to take days off work to recover from your burn. The court could also order the defendant to compensate you for the difference in earning potential if you no longer can earn as much as you did before the injury.

What If I Was Burned at Work?

Workplace injuries have different rules than other Personal Injury cases. In Florida, all employers with more than four employees (though this number can vary among industries) must have workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees in the event of an injury. If you burn yourself while you are working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation – regardless of fault. Talk to an attorney before filing a workers’ comp claim. In some cases, you can’t file a personal injury lawsuit if you file a claim against your employer. Even if you believe the incident was your fault, you may be only partly correct. Workers’ compensation can have complicated and confusing regulations, and an experienced Tampa attorney will know how to help you navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation.


What If a Loved One Was Killed Because of a Burn?

Unfortunately, burns can be severe enough to be fatal. If your loved one was killed in a burn incident because of another person’s negligence, a family member could file a lawsuit on his or her behalf. The court would consider a case that involves filing a claim on behalf of a loved one who died wrongfully to be a wrongful death claim. wrongful death claims have specific rules and potential damages that the court could award you if you were to win your case.

Tampa Burn Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious burn injury because of another person’s negligent behavior, you need an attorney. The attorneys at Bulluck Law Group have extensive knowledge about Tampa burn injury laws. We are dedicated to our clients and strive to help as many Tampa residents as we can. We can offer you a free consultation to discuss your specific case and what you need in an attorney. We also will not charge you a cent in legal fees unless we win your case. Contact the attorneys at Bulluck Law Group for experienced and skilled representation for your Redington Beach burn injury claim.

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