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VA Benefits Rating Calculator

We provide this free VA benefits rating calculator to help you compute your VA disability rating. In VA math 80% disability plus another 20% disability doesn’t add up to a 100% disability rating. Follow the steps below and we’ll see if we can help you get the rating you deserve. We use all of the current ratings and update the calculator regularly. You don’t need a VA disability math chart with our handy calculator.

Click the button below that matches your level of disability. If you have 2 issues that are 10% each in your right arm, click the 10% button twice. Issues such as PTSD or Sexual Trauma go under “Additional Disability” at whichever rating level. You can erase any of your selections by clicking the X above the list below.

Left Leg
Right Leg
Left Arm
Right Arm
Additional Disability
Disabilities List (click to remove)
    How many dependent children do you have who are under the age of 18?
    How many dependent children do you have who are between the ages of 18 and 23?

    This only takes effect once you reach a 30% or higher rating, but fill it in any way. Children who were under 18 at the time of your filing should be included.

    Children count if they are still in school or were classified as disabled before age 18.

    What is your marital status?
    How many dependent parents do you have?
    Current VA Disability Rating





    Estimated Monthly Payment Amount

    This is your estimate based on the above answers. We will try to get you what you deserve, but this is only an estimate at this stage of your application.

    Monthly VA Benefit Calculator

    According to the current Veterans Compensation Benefits Rate Tables – Effective 12/1/22, this is how much you will receive with the estimated rating.

    Current VA Disability Rating
    Estimated Monthly Payment Amount

    VA Disability Back Pay Calculator

    VA disability back pay is the money owed to veterans from the effective date of their claim, to the date they were granted those benefits. Due to its backlog of disability compensation claims, VA can often take months or years to grant benefits. The longer VA takes to decide your claim, the more back pay it owes you to compensate you all the way back to your effective date.

    When should you have gotten a larger disability payment than you received?
    (Optional) Is there a stop date?
    Leave empty to calculate until today's date

    Additional Factors

    What was your marital status?
    At this time did your spouse require Aid and Attendance(A/A)?


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