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Our team, at Bulluck Law Group, understands the intricacies of veterans’ disability claims, and we’re here to provide the legal guidance you require. Your service to our nation deserves recognition and support, and we’re committed to ensuring that you receive every benefit you’ve earned.

The “No Recovery. No Fee Promise.” that our clients have relied on for many years especially applies to the Veterans we serve. We only collect a fee when your VA claim is approved.

Schedule a no obligation consult today or use our VA Disability Calculator to determine how much compensation you may be entitled.

Top 3 reasons why US military veterans do not file disability claims with the department of veteran affairs

Lack of Awareness

Many veterans are not fully aware of the benefits and compensation available to them. Some may not realize that their health issues or disabilities are connected to their military service, while others might not know how to navigate the VA system to file a claim. A lack of information and awareness is a significant barrier.

Complex and Overwhelming Process

Filing a disability claim with the VA can be a complex and bureaucratic process. It often involves gathering extensive medical records, obtaining supporting documentation, and understanding the VA’s rating system. Veterans might find the paperwork and procedures overwhelming, leading them to postpone or avoid filing claims.

Stigma and Reluctance

Some veterans may feel reluctant to acknowledge their disabilities or seek help due to the stigma associated with mental health issues or disabilities. This can be particularly true for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other invisible injuries. Veterans might fear that disclosing their disabilities could negatively impact their careers or social relationships, leading them to avoid the claims process.

At Bulluck Law Group we understand that competent legal assistance can be invaluable in overcoming these barriers. We encourage you to explore our RESOURCE CENTER or schedule a no-obligation consult to get answers about the claims process.