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Clearing Your Record Through A Tampa Expungement Attorney

Many people have arrests or charges on their criminal records that occurred years ago and are now causing problems in finding work, applying for specific types of programs or even in getting into certain training or school.

Expunging or Sealing?

When this is the case, an expungement attorney in Tampa can assist in getting these records “removed” from your file. In reality, the records do not truly go away, but they are sealed or hidden from view so that they are only accessible by specific agencies and for specific reasons. They no longer show up in a general criminal or background check.

Once you have used the services of an expungement attorney and the records have been sealed, the individual no longer needs to report the arrest or conviction. However, not all criminal records can be expunged, which is why it is so important to work with a lawyer familiar with the process.

It may be possible to seal a record if it cannot be expunged. This provides a degree of shielding of these records from public view. Employment or other types of criminal record checks will not show the results.


There are different options to consider in this process. As your expungement attorney, we will review your case or cases specific to these factors. In general, most states allow for expungement, but there are some states that do not.

Expungement possibilities also focus on the nature and the type of crime, how long ago the arrest or charge occurred and your overall criminal history. Patterns of behavior or multiple arrests and charges may not be eligible for expungement depending on the specifics.

In Tampa, talk to the specialists at Bulluck Law Group to discuss your expungement options. We will evaluate your case on an individual basis and provide you with information on clearing your record.

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