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Common Road Mistakes Made by Drivers in Florida

Common road mistakes include failing to use turn signals, rolling stops, forgetting to check blind spots, and numerous other dangerous omissions.

Driving is something we all do as part of our everyday life. Many people commute more than an hour everyday back and forth to work. As one drives more and more, they become more skilled at the activity. However, bad habits sometimes cement as well. Sometimes these habits can become deadly. It is imperative to make sure that these bad habits get identified and ironed out.

What Are The Basic Rules of Driving?

Driving can be a difficult activity that is part of our everyday life. There are many rules of the road, but there are some rules that are more important than others. Most know the basic rules of the road, such as staying in between the lines, not going too far over or under the speed limit, and of course stop and yield signs along with lights. Many experienced drivers also know some of the more advanced rules. These include:

  • Child passengers must be secured with more than a seat belt, such as an integrated child seat or booster.
  • When you are passing by an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road, you must go in the far lane, or go 20 mph under the speed limit if on a two lane road.
  • If you get into an accident you must contact your own insurance company for financial support and payment, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Vehicles and Pedestrians lawfully in an intersection have the right of way, even if you have a green light.

Common Driving Mistakes

Even if someone knows the rules there are still many mistakes they might make. It is important to review these common mistakes to become and more effective and safer driver:

1. Failing to use turn signals

In Florida it is illegal to fail to use a turn signal when turning or merging. Plus using them keeps you much safer.

2. Completing a rolling stop at a stop sign

You must stop completely at a stop sign. Completing a “rolling stop” is not only illegal, but also dangerous. You simply don’t have the time to take in your surroundings before going past the sign.

3. Tailgating

Whether intentional or not tailgating is extremely dangerous. Not only are you substantially more likely to get into a crash if the person in front of you stops quickly, but in Florida there is a legal presumption that you are at fault if you get in a rear end collision.

4. Speeding

Speeding always sounds like a good idea if you are going to be late for something, but in reality, it rarely saves much time. On average speeding saves you about 26 seconds a day, or 2 minutes a week. Contrast this with the fact that it is illegal and extremely dangerous, and it just isn’t worth it.

5. Distracted Driving

Most people would not say they become purposefully distracted, but in reality, many people do choose to distract themselves. Using their phone to text or make calls is a direct distraction. Furthermore, many people create distractions for themselves.

Make sure your car mirrors are properly adjusted before leaving, and all pets in the vehicle should be secure and/or well behaved. Making sure you have less distractions is always important, as it could mean the difference between danger and safety.

6. Not Wearing a Seatbelt

One of the biggest mistakes a person could make is failing to wear their seatbelt. It is such a simple action that will have a profound effect in a car crash. Failing to wear a seatbelt consistently means the differences between life and death in car crashes.

7. Not Taking Into Account Florida Weather

Florida weather is dangerous. It is always important to be prepared and review the weather radar before leaving. Certain products such as Rainex can make a drive through a torrential downpour substantially safer. Furthermore, it is always important to drive under the speed limit in such weather. However, it is truly best if you can avoid the weather altogether.

8. Making Last Minute Turns

Making a last minute turn is something every driver does once in their life. But making such a turn is dangerous. Stopping suddenly and quickly turning the wheel can not only cause a vehicle behind you to hit your car, but can also cause you to hit something due to the quick movement of your own vehicle. If you miss a turn, it is better to go past it and take a u-turn back.

9. Blocking The Left-Lane

The left lane is for passing other drivers, and driving slowly is never a good idea in this lane. Blocking this lane can be dangerous and make it difficult for other drivers to legally pass other cars on the road. It is very common for this rule not to be followed, but the left lane is not for vehicles going under the speed limit.

10. Failing to Check Blind Spots

Failing to check your vehicle’s blind spots is a dangerous gambit. It most commonly occurs when a driver believes, due to an earlier perception, that there cannot be a car in their blindspot at that current time. Perhaps they recently checked it, and don’t see how any new car could have made it in their blindspot.

Nonetheless, the roadway is a complicated place, and it is imperative to make sure to always cover your blindspots. A car can sneak up on you without you knowing, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

11. Illegal Turns

It is somewhat common to accidentally make an illegal turn, especially an illegal u-turn. Whenever you come up on an intersection make sure to check for road signage that may ban certain types of turns. They ban such turns for good reason, so take heed of the warning.

12. Not Watching Out For Pedestrians

With a roadway filled with cars, pedestrians may be the last thing on a driver’s mind. They shouldn’t be. Pedestrians generally have the right of way, and, for better or for worse, may expect cars to stop for them. Even where they don’t have the right of way, nobody wants to hit a pedestrian so always keep a lookout for any jaywalkers.

How Do I Avoid These Mistakes?

Make sure to be very aware when you’re driving and take a defensive mindset. “Defensive driving is safe driving” is an exceptionally important saying that can save lives. In addition, make sure to do your best to follow all the rules and regulations of the road. They exist to save lives and should be followed to do so.

Following these rules should keep you and your loved ones safe. However, if you ever are in an accident make sure to always call 911 and seek medical attention even if you are not injured.

In addition, once you verify that everyone is okay, make sure to take photos of the scene and seek the help of a reputable personal injury attorney to get the justice you deserve.

Bulluck Law Group has the experience and skill to navigate through a car accident case. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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