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How to Ensure Your Car Accident Lawyer Processes Your Claim Efficiently

When you’re involved in a car accident, there’s a probability that you may need to claim for compensation if you’ve been injured. When you need to send a demand letter to the individual or their insurance company, you get one chance to get it right; that is where we, as your car accident lawyer in Tampa, can help you.

What Is a Demand Letter?

Your demand letter does exactly as it suggests; you are going to be demanding compensation from the other party. The amount of compensation will depend upon the extent and type of injuries and how long you are likely to be affected or away from work, resulting in loss of income.

There may be obvious physical injuries that are easy to see, damage to your property which is easy to assess and psychological damage, which requires an expert to analyze.

Instead of sending the demand letter yourself, it will carry more force when a law firm like ours sends the letter. When the insurance adjusters receive a demand letter from a car accident lawyer, they will know that you are taking the claim extremely seriously. They will also understand that legal action may follow if there is not a swift resolution to the matter.

The Content of The Demand Letter

The letter will explain how your injuries are causing problems within your everyday lifestyle. You will offer to present proof of your current medical condition, together with information about your bills and any costs for repairs to your vehicle.

The letter is always presented in a firm, yet polite manner. At this stage, you are hoping that the other party will settle with compensation based upon your figures. This is not the situation or time to make threats as this will not help the way the demand is received by the other party.

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