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The Importance of a Strong Legal Strategy

A legal strategy is an important element of any law firm. Having a general philosophy and mission for a firm allows firms to differentiate themselves and shows that the firm has put thought into what they want to be, and more importantly, how they plan to effectively fight for their clients. Knowing what legal strategy your firm will endeavor to have is important when they represent you.

What is a Legal Strategy?

All (good) law firms have one main goal- to provide their clients with the justice they deserve in an efficient and non-stressful manner. In meeting this goal, certain practical elements must be taken into account. However, some practical elements must be taken into account.

1. Legal Research and Legal Writing

A lawyer’s bread and butter, a lawyer must always have a writing plan and a research plan when finding and creating answers and progress for clients. This takes up most of a lawyer’s time, but generally is not too hard for a lawyer to handle. After all, a lawyer is trained how to do this in law school. Still, a plan is needed.

2. The Existence of Multiple Cases

Law firms generally take on multiple cases. Due to this, they must prioritize the cases they do have, and manage time wisely so that each and every client gets the most satisfactory outcome possible.

3. The Limitation of Time

Unfortunately, law firms also exist on the same timeline as everyone else. In theory, one could work on a legal case forever, improving and improving and improving all possible legal strategies. This is simply not possible. The good news is that it is not possible for the other side either, so the real requirement hear is knowing what amount of time is necessary to get the right outcome in the case.

4. The Limitation of Money

Law firms are businesses, but worse, they need money to function. Court filings, staff filings, and other research cost money. It is necessary for firms to keep track of their money and spend it wisely.

5. Opposing Council

Many plaintiff’s lawyers may wish they did not have to deal with opposing council, but they exist nonetheless. Knowing how to communicate, negotiate, and work with opposing council them will be important to a lawyer’s case.

A legal strategy takes all of these factors into account when planning for how to attack a client’ case and do it efficiently and practically. How a law firm handles their limited money, time, and legal research and client representation requires some forethought. All law firms should have some sort of legal strategy.

How to Ask Prospective Attorney’s About Their Legal Strategy?

It is imperative to know what your attorney’s legal strategy is when working with them. Make sure to ask what their mission, values, vision, and firm organization is. You should also ask questions about how your case fits within the organization and values of the firm, and what challenges your case could bring the firm as a whole.

What is Bulluck Law Group’s Legal Strategy?

Bulluck Law Group aims to provide our clients with the best possible results. We equip ourselves with the latest in legal technology, and we keep up with recent court decisions to reach this result. We endeavor to fight for justice, and we hope that fighting for this justice will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and will prevent future harms by making our community safer.

To keep the scopes of our case down, we focus on civil trial law in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. We believe this focus provides our clients with needed support and the highest chance of maximizing recovery. At the same time we have team members who are committed to keeping our finances in check, and have employees who do that entirely. Further, our philosophy allows us to promise each client that our Tampa personal injury lawyers will devote intense effort and maximum attention to their case. By the time a case is ready to be tried in a courtroom, Bulluck Law Group will have invested in our clients both emotionally and financially. Through this investment in our clients, we understand and believe the fundamentals of their cause and are proud to represent them in a courtroom.

For our clients well-being, we take a contingency fee on most of our cases, and give free consultations. A contingency fee simply means that we take a percentage of the winnings, we charge nothing unless we win. Due to our past legal successes, we are in a firm financial position to do this for our clients, while still being able to pay a team of professionals and for the necessary technology to represent our clients well.

When choosing an attorney, it’s important to know and understand their legal strategy before hiring and trusting them. Bulluck Law Group has years of experience and a strong legal strategy outlined in the section above.

Take advantage of our free case evaluation to speak with attorney David Bulluck to learn more about his strategy in person and how he can help your case. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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