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Maximize Your Recovery After A Car Accident Injury

When you’re affected by a car accident injury, the extent of your injuries and the price you’ll have to pay are unknown.

There may be bills for medical treatment, car rental, auto repair, and other expenses in your future. There could be psychological issues that haven’t surfaced yet which you’ll have to deal with at a later date. 

You need to do everything you can from the beginning to make sure you are rightly compensated for your trauma. 

Here’s how to get the most money from a car accident injury and how an attorney can help. 

Seek Medical Attention & Gather Evidence

The first thing you should do if you’re involved in a car accident is call 911. Law enforcement officers are required to respond to a crash where there is injury. 

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need treatment right away from the paramedics or be rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. You could choose to go to the emergency room on your own or even visit your primary doctor’s office. Whatever the case may be, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and keep all records for evidence.

If you can stay on the scene and talk to officers about the accident, you should give them your contact information, as well as your account of what happened. You need to stick to the facts and do your best to keep your emotions in check. Police could misconstrue statements such as “I’m sorry,” or “I couldn’t stop in time,” as fault admissions. 

You should take pictures of the accident scene and check whether there are security cameras in the area. If the crash was recorded in real time, you may be able to obtain the video and use it later as evidence. You need to get the contact information of the parties involved, as well as witnesses. Bystanders may be able to corroborate your story.

Hire a Lawyer & Document Everything

Your next step should be reaching out to a car accident attorney who has the expertise and knowledge to help you get fair compensation for your injuries. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you can afford a lawyer. There’s a good chance they’ll represent you on a contingency fee contract. That means you won’t pay your attorney until you receive a settlement. 

You should not agree to any settlement without consulting a lawyer first. From the start of your claim, the insurance company will try to get you to settle for less than what you deserve. A car accident attorney can help you figure out what your claim is worth by placing a dollar amount on several components including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It’s important to document everything that happened in your life following the accident. You should write down what you remember about the crash, the steps you took afterward, and how your recovery is progressing. You need to keep pictures, video, insurance statements, work excuses, medical bills, and any other pieces of information that could be relevant to your case.

Stay off Social Media & Don’t Talk About Your Case



You’ve heard the section of the Miranda warning that states, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Anything you post may be used against you, too. 

The insurance adjuster is going to be looking for every piece of evidence they can find to lower the value of your settlement. If you claim your car accident injury is keeping you from leaving the house, then you post pictures of a fun vacation you took after the crash, your case will lose credibility.

Likewise, if you tell the police and the insurance company your account of the accident, but you write out a different version of the story on social media, the facts won’t add up and you’ll wind up weakening your claim. In general, it’s best to not talk about your case with anyone until the matter is resolved.



How to Get the Most Money From a Car Accident Injury

Now you know the steps you should take to get the most money for your injury after a car accident. 

First, seek medical attention for your injuries and gather evidence to build your case. Next, hire a lawyer to fight for you and document every detail after the crash. Lastly, avoid posting anything on social media and don’t discuss your case with others.

Bulluck Law Group can help you relieve the stress and frustration of trying to get fair compensation after an injury crash. Get in touch today to talk about your case with a Tampa car accident attorney!

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