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What are Average Neck and Back Injury Settlement Results from Car Accidents?

Car accidents can cause significant harm to all involved parties. The neck and back are especially vulnerable to injuries and recovering injuries in these areas can be a long and expensive process involving a lot of medical bills.
If you have suffered neck and back injuries from a negligent driver, you could get a settlement to help you pay hospital bills. You can contact Bulluck Law Group’s St. Petersburg personal injury attorneys to get an estimate of your settlement based on your injuries. However, it is important to know the average settlement you can get so that you know the mistakes to avoid when selecting car accident attorneys.

Types of Car Accident Settlements

Compensation awarded in personal injury lawsuits is also known as recoverable damages. These fall under two categories: economic and non-economic.

  • Economic damages compensate the victim for any monetary losses incurred or that will be incurred due to the accident-related injury. These include property damage, e.g. for the car. The compensation can also reimburse the plaintiff for medical expenses, lost wages due to the injury, and for the loss of future earning capacity as a result of the injuries. These damages are actual and measurable and can be calculated using payment receipts, salary statements, and medical records bills.
  • Non-economic damages compensate the victim for non-monetary losses like pain and suffering. These costs cannot be easily calculated because they include aspects of emotional distress like humiliation caused by the accident. Physical pain cannot be measured but can also be compensated as non-economic damage. Back pain from car accident settlement falls under non-economic damages.

Average Neck and Back Injury Settlements

So, how much is a settlement for neck injury resulting from car accidents? Neck and back injuries from car accident settlements vary based on the extent of the injury. For example, there is no average settlement for car accident whiplash as the severity of the injury is different between individuals.

Some of the factors considered before making a settlement include:

  • How likely it is that you can make a full recovery from the injuries.
  • The amount of responsibility the other party bears in causing the accident
  • Available evidence.

Most minor injuries receive a compensation of $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the extent of injuries and the medical care needed to treat them. More severe injuries can have settlements greater than $100,000.

Tampa Auto Accident Attorney

One of the mistakes to avoid when selecting car accident attorneys is picking one who cannot give you a definite amount that you can sue for. A good attorney uses different techniques to determine the extent of both the tangible and intangible injuries before filing a claim. Getting an experienced and high qualified attorney ensures you get a settlement that adequately compensates for all injuries associated with an accident, even the intangible ones.

If you are in Tampa or its environs, contact an experienced Tampa auto accident attorney from Bulluck Law Group who can help you file neck and back injury lawsuits under the right type of damages.

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