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Our Philosophy: Treat Clients How We Want to Be Treated

Temple Terrace Lawyers at Bulluck Law Group as Best Bsuiness for Business of the YearBulluck Law Group is honored to fight for each client in their pursuit of justice.  Our hope is that fighting for the cause of our clients will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and will prevent future harms by making our community safer.

Since beginning Bulluck Law Group, we have equipped our law firm with the best resources to bring cases to trial that include technological trial aids, national databases for legal research and the most current legal decisions.  We have acquired the financial strength and stability to upfront all costs associated with each case to bring them to trial.

David Bulluck founded the Bulluck Law Group in 2008 with less than a handful of clients. Fighting for the cause of his initial clients required Mr. Bulluck to take one of those cases to trial against a national insurance company.  Before the trial, the insurance company told Mr. Bulluck and his client, it would defeat them at trial and seek to bankrupt Mr. Bulluck’s client with the cost of the insurance company’s legal fees and costs.  With an unwavering belief in his client and in himself, Mr. Bulluck fought for his client’s cause in the trial courtroom.  At the conclusion of the trial, the jury believed in Mr. Bulluck and his client by returning a winning verdict in their favor that recognized the harm caused to Mr. Bulluck’s client and the need for future medical care.  The jury’s verdict was the culmination of a long battle that ultimately made a meaningful difference in the client’s life.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys are focused on civil trial law in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death We believe this focus provides our clients with needed support and the highest chance of maximizing recovery. Further, our philosophy allows us to promise each client that our Tampa personal injury lawyers will devote intense effort and maximum attention to their case. By the time a case is ready to be tried in a courtroom, Bulluck Law Group will have invested in our clients both emotionally and financially. Through this investment in our clients, we understand and believe the fundamentals of their cause and are proud to represent them in a courtroom.

Now that you have read about our personal injury attorneys, we hope that you look through our website that list some of our professional achievements of which we are proud. For further information, please contact us to answer your questions or schedule a free case evaluation with one of your Tampa personal injury attorneys.




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