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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Personal injury cases can occur from a number of circumstances that cause injury to a person as a result of someone else’s negligence. Preparing personal injury cases to win at a jury trial is the foundation and focus of our law firm. At Bulluck Law Group, our Tampa personal injury attorneys understand that personal injuries can create hardships on our clients that may include past and future medical bills and lost wages all while experiencing pain and suffering. Our purpose is to fight for our clients to recover the maximum damages available to help provide financial relief for medical bills, lost wages and where appropriate punish the wrongdoer. We are proud of the results we have earned on behalf of our clients. We have seen how the results we have earned have made our clients’ lives better by providing money for medical bills, compensation for lost wages, training for a new career, and ability for children to go to college.

Bulluck Law Group personal injury attorney Tampa, FLSo that everyone has the ability to hire us, we agree to representing clients in personal injury cases on a contingency fee contract. This means our personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL only receive payment if we are successful in recovering compensation on behalf of our clients. Our contingency fee contract makes hiring a personal injury lawyer available to those who cannot afford to pay hourly attorney’s fees. Additionally, we also advance all expenses associated with a case that may include court filing fee, deposition costs, mediation costs, and expert witness fees.

At Bulluck Law Group, our attorneys are experienced in the preparation and advocacy of trying personal injury cases in the courtroom. To concentrate our efforts, the below represents the types of personal injury and wrongful death cases we accept:

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