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What To Expect At a Tampa Palms, FL Auto Accident Attorney Consultation

Being involved in an auto accident brings about many questions that revolve around what happens next and what should I do. We recommend that all people should have a free initial consultation with a Tampa Palms auto accident attorney after being involved in an auto accident to evaluate their different options.

Once you have scheduled your free initial consultation with a Tampa Palms auto accident attorney, there are several topics that you can expect to be discussed at your free initial consultation, which will likely include:

1.   What happened?  An attorney is going to first want to know what happened to you.  This is important to understand not just what happened, but how it happened and who is responsible.   In proving an auto accident case, the first point of contention that needs to be proven is fault of the accident.

2.   What Information do you have?  Typically, after an auto accident, the involved drivers are given an Exchange of Information that is the precursor to the Florida Traffic Crash Report.  These documents that are completed by the investigating law enforcement officer typically contain the basic contact info for those involved, their insurance companies, as well as a diagram and description of what happened.  Often times, potential new client may also have voice messages, emails or letters from the involved insurance companies that can provide claim numbers and contact information.  Finally, potential clients may also have discharge records from the emergency department of a hospital or urgent care that will assist in better understanding injuries.

3.   What injuries and damages do you have that were caused from the accident?  After determining how the accident occurred, the next topic to be discussed will be what injuries and damages have you suffered following the accident.  This will cover any injuries at the scene of the collision, whether you were transported by ambulance to an emergency department of a hospital, extent of injuries, and medical care to date.  Also, whether or not you have missed any time from work and will continue to do so.

4.   Do you have any prior injuries, claims or preconditions?  In determining the cause of your injuries from the auto accident, it is important to determine your pre-auto accident health which includes questions about prior injuries, pre-existing conditions, work comp claims and any prior auto accident claims.

5.   How are attorney fees and legal costs determined?  The potential new client will want to know hos the attorney gets paid and who is responsible for costs.  In auto accident cases, the typical attorney fee is contingent upon recovery of the case.  The contingency percentage is set by the Florida Bar.  Also, payment of costs is typically the initial responsibility of the attorney, who then gets reimbursed on expended costs following the conclusion of the case.

If you have additional questions about what to expect from a free initial consultation with a Tampa Palms auto accident attorney, please feel free to contact us.

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