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What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?

When you find yourself in need of a lawyer, you want to make sure you pick someone who’s looking out for your best interests. 

In many cases, not just any attorney will do. For the best outcome, you should seek someone who’s handled cases like yours before and is experienced in that specific area of the law.

Here are some of the most common types of lawyers and what you can expect from them.

What Kind of Lawyers Are There?

There are many different types of lawyers. We’ll focus on the most common practices: criminal defense, civil litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and general practice.

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense lawyer may be hired by a defendant or appointed by the court. In criminal cases, the defense attorney provides counsel to the accused from the time they are arrested until sentencing if the case gets that far. This includes the investigation, charging, and arraignment stages. The lawyer may also be involved further down the road if the client is convicted and chooses to appeal.

If you have been accused of a crime, especially one where the punishment is severe, you’ll want to hire a criminal defense attorney. This type of lawyer will be knowledgeable in various areas of criminal law, including issues related to bail and trial proceedings. The attorney can advise you on the consequences of a guilty plea vs. a conviction. 

Civil Litigation

A civil litigation lawyer’s caseload may encompass several legal areas that don’t fall into the criminal category. These matters are usually private and involve lawsuits and transactions. This may include contract disputes, personal injury cases, or real estate purchases. In civil cases, there’s no guilt or innocence to determine like there is in criminal law. It’s usually a matter of whether the claimant can recover damages.

With a civil litigation attorney, you’ll be better able to navigate the complexities of contracts, agreements, and transactions. This process can be tedious, so it’s good to work with someone who has a lot of experience with civil litigation. You may even be able to find an attorney who specializes in your type of case. For example, if you’re dealing with a commercial lawsuit, you’d likely choose a corporate litigation lawyer.

Personal Injury 

A personal injury attorney can help victims of physical or psychological injuries. These claimants blame another person, company, or other entity for their physical or emotional distress. Cases like these may involve car wrecks, work accidents, or other instances that result in pain and suffering. This type of attorney is usually familiar with tort law involving civil legal liabilities and damages.

If you were hurt because of wrongdoing or negligence by another party, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. The attorney will not only work to get you compensation for medical bills and lost wages, but also non-economic damages such as reduced quality of life and pain and suffering. They know how to handle insurance companies and other intricate matters of the settlement process.

Workers’ Compensation 

A workers’ compensation lawyer generally works with clients who have suffered injuries on the job. However, they also may advise people who’ve experienced the death of a loved one because of an occupational disease or a workplace accident. This type of attorney can help you get compensation for medical bills, financial, losses, and emotional distress.

Similar to personal injury cases, it’s nice to have a workers’ compensation attorney handle legal issues so you can focus on recovery, whether it be physical, emotional, or both. If you must be hospitalized, are out of work for a long time, or lost a loved one who was killed on the job, this type of lawyer will be able to fight for proper compensation and take that burden off your shoulders.

Medical Malpractice 

A medical malpractice attorney is knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with inadequate treatment or misdiagnoses. In these instances, a health professional is being sued for violation of duties. Occupations in the medical field tend to adhere to a higher set of standards and come with a greater sense of responsibility. A claimant in this type of case may be the patient or someone who has lost a loved one.

Medical malpractice lawyers may specialize in different kinds of cases such as surgery mistakes, dental malpractice, nursing home abuse, or birth injuries. Beyond normal civil litigation duties, these attorneys will be experienced in tasks such as working with medical experts, performing medical research, and setting up independent medical examinations.

General Practice

A general practice lawyer can handle a variety of cases. While they don’t specialize in a particular field, they should have a wide range of experience in several areas. If your situation doesn’t require special knowledge or expertise, this type of attorney should be able to help. Once the lawyer gets to know you and your case, they’ll be able to determine whether another lawyer may be better suited. 

General practice attorneys are useful for reviewing documents such as wills, trusts, and leases. They may also help with cases involving traffic violations, bankruptcy, child custody, and divorce. This lawyer can act as your advocate in negotiations and represent you in court proceedings. Before you hire a general practice attorney, you should make sure they’re well equipped to handle your specific case. 

What Kind Of Lawyer Should I Hire?

Now you know more about what types of lawyers are available to take on your case. 

Choosing a lawyer who’s won cases like yours before and knows the area of the law you’re dealing with will get you the best results. 

At Bulluck Law Group, we have expertise in several legal areas, including personal injury and auto accidents. Contact us today to see if we’re a good fit!

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