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Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur in Florida?

Most car accidents happen in rural areas, stoplights, intersections, parking lots, and your own neighborhood.

Car crashes can be a terrible thing, and sometimes cannot be avoided. However, there are still things that you can do to make sure you are less likely to get in one. Knowing where and when most car accidents occur can assist you, in informing you when you should take special caution.

Where Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

Car accidents happen in almost every area where roads exist, but there are some common places where they happen more often than not.

1. Rural areas

Fatal car crashes are extremely common in rural areas. In fact nearly 57 percent of all fatal car crashes occur in rural areas. This is likely a surprising truth. It seems that the stop and start traffic in the city actually is less dangerous than wide open roads.

2. Rush hour traffic

It should be no surprise that rush hour traffic results in many car crashes. Most of these additional accidents are fender benders, but there is no doubt that driving in rush hour constantly raises your chance of a car crash.

3. Stoplights

Rear-end collisions are very common at stoplights. These crashes generally occur because the offending car either has faulty brakes, or a distracted driver did not realize the light turned red.

4. Intersections

Confusion over the right of way, and speeding through new red lights, cause a large number of car accidents in intersections. Always look and make sure the intersection is clear before you go through it, regardless of who you think has the right of way.

5. Parking lots and garages

A high number of vehicles contribute to the consistent stream of car accidents that occur in parking lots. Not to mention the fact that money drivers are backing up when leaving spaces, restricting their view and maneuverability.

6. Your own neighborhood

Most fatal accidents occur within 25 miles from your home. This is partially because you are likely around your home most of the time, but also because it is so easy for your brain to go on “auto-pilot” on familiar streets. The more familiar you are with roadways, the more likely you will not pay attention.

Driving safely when in Tampa Florida to avoid a car accident

When Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

1. Afternoons

Specifically, between 12:00 to 6:00. This is the time of day when most commuters are going home after returning from work. It is a particularly dangerous time because of how tired many of these hard workers are.

2. Summers

Americans drive the greatest number of miles during the summer months, and many people are driving on unfamiliar roads going on vacation during this time of the year. This large influx of cars on roads before causes numerous crashes.

3. Holidays

National Holidays have the same issue summer does. More people are on vacation, attempting to go places they have not gone before. New Year’s Day and Independence Day suffer from extremely high crash rates in particular, likely due to the alcohol consumption common on those dates.

How To Avoid Car Accidents?

Car accidents cannot be avoided 100% of the time, but there are certain habits you can develop to make your daily commute safer.

1. Pay attention

When you’re driving make sure you keep your focus on the road, and make sure you prepare yourself so you can drive safely. Don’t be distracted by your pets or passengers. Don’t look at that car crash you pass by. And do not text and drive. You can’t drive if you aren’t looking at the road. Focus.

2. Keep your car up to date on maintenance

Make sure you consistently bring your vehicle in for routine checks, and don’t ignore warning lights! Always check your tires and gas as well. The first line of defense begins with your own vehicle.

3. Use your turn signal

Make sure to always use your signals before turning. Sudden turns cause a large number of crashes. Giving the drivers around you the most information possible reduces the likelihood of accidents.

4. Watch for red light runners

Always make sure to keep an eye out for those cars who just squeeze past a yellow light. Always check around an intersection before you go through it, especially when your light has just turned green.

5. Keep both hands on the wheel

Driving with both hands on the wheel allows you to always keep complete control of your car, especially in times of emergency. Having both hands on the wheel allows you to quickly respond to important stimuli your brain receives on the road.

6. Watch for kids

Kids don’t always understand the dangers of the road. When kids are around, or you are near a school, in a neighborhood, or just around a playground, drive slower, and make sure to keep an eye out for little ones.

7. Don’t tailgate

In Florida, there is a presumption that the rear-ender in a car crash is liable for damages. Always make sure to give the car in front of you a large amount of space so that you have time to react and break if the car in front of you has to suddenly stop.

8. Be courteous

There is no negative to being courteous. Other drivers on the road may not be interested in these safe driving facts and may not be as nice as you obviously are. Even if they don’t deserve it,  being courteous on the road can prevent crashes, and keep you and your family safe.

It is always important to drive safely and stay aware of your surroundings. While you may not be able to eliminate every possible chance of a crash, you can make the probability of such a crash much lower.

However, if you are ever in a car accident make sure to contact a reputable personal injury attorney. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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