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Will A Brandon, FL Personal Injury Lawyer Still Help Me If I Get Sick From A Pesticide That Has Warnings About Its Use?

Pesticides are chemicals used for killing or controlling pests. They can be found in many common household items, including lawn care products and sprays. Pesticides can put people at risk of becoming ill if used improperly. If you become sick after using a pesticide improperly in Brandon, FL, you may have a claim for damages against the manufacturer of the product. People who suffer from injuries caused by occupational exposure to pesticides can also file a personal injury claim against their employer under workers’ compensation laws if they meet certain criteria set forth by state law.

The EPA regulates pesticides because they have been shown to cause health problems like cancer or birth defects when used incorrectly or by children who might eat them by mistake even though they’re clearly labeled. Some pesticides have been banned in the United States because they were found to harm human health. For example, DDT was used to kill insects and other pests, but it was also found to be harmful to humans. It can cause neurological problems as well as cancer. It’s important that you know what kind of pesticide you’re using so that you can protect yourself from any dangers associated with its use.

If you’ve been injured by a pesticide, contact an experienced Brandon, FL personal injury lawyer today so he or she can help determine what injuries were caused by the pesticide and guide you through the process of seeking compensation from those responsible for your injuries. Your personal injury lawyer will also be able to tell you if you have a claim for damages against the manufacturer of the product. He or she can file suit against the manufacturer of the product as well as any other parties responsible for exposing others to dangerous chemicals without proper warning or safety measures in place.

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