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Evaluating Car Accident Attorneys

Every attorney and every legal firm in Tampa has their own way of interacting with their clients. In a number of large law firms, the attorney rarely, if ever, interacts with the individual but rather all communication is done through paralegals and staff.

Other law firms take more of a personal approach to being your legal representative. This is the model we use at Bulluck Law Group, where each of our clients is seen as an individual that will receive our undivided attention and legal expertise to settle their case.

You will have direct communication with our attorney and with our staff as needed throughout the process. We will keep you informed of the status of your case and, you may personally reach out to speak to your lawyer directly for any questions, information or clarification.

Free Case Evaluation

The free case evaluation offered by our car accident attorneys allows the client and the attorney to speak about the facts of the case, the possible challenges in the case and about general settlement possibilities.

This is a good time for clients as well as attorneys to ask questions and to understand if they are a good fit for each other. Most car accident attorneys with experience in this field of law will be able to provide accurate information on the possibilities for the case with just basic information from the potential client.

Estimate of Settlement

It is important for anyone to understand that the estimate of the settlement offered by the attorney at the initial meeting is just a guideline. Additional information, including medical bills both current and future, loss of wages, property damage and other factors will all need to be detailed to provide a complete picture of what can be expected.

Be weary of any Tampa attorney that promises a very high compensation number or that indicates he or she can guarantee the outcome of any case. This is simply not possible from an initial meeting when all the facts and information is not yet fully known.

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