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3 Signs You Need Auto Accident Lawyers On Your Side

At Bulluck Law Group, our auto accident lawyers meet with clients in a free case evaluation before determining if there is a need for legal representation regarding an accident. In some cases, particularly if there are no physical injuries and limited property damage, there may not be a need to retain a Tampa attorney. In this situation, will we talk to you and provide you with that information, allowing you to make a choice.

However, there are at least three important signs that indicate a need to have an auto accident lawyer by your side. These types of cases are fought by insurance companies, and it can be extremely difficult for someone unfamiliar with the law and process to effectively represent themselves in negotiations or if the case goes to court.

Uninsured Drivers

When there are uninsured drivers in a vehicle accident, particularly if there are significant property damages and/or injuries, it is imperative to call an auto accident lawyer.

Uninsured motorists are not uncommon on the roads today. Florida ranks in the top three states with the highest number of uninsured drivers at about 23.8%, falling between Oklahoma at 25.9 and Mississippi at 22.9%.

Serious Injury

It is often very hard to determine how serious an injury may be immediately after an accident. Soft tissue damage can take hours or days to fully develop into a painful and debilitating issue.

Insurance companies try to pay the minimum for medical bills and future medical treatment needs. In any type of injury that is more than a minor issue, legal representation is highly recommended.

Pushy Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies in Tampa have very aggressive insurance adjusters that become very pushy and insistent on getting a settlement offer accepted. This is often a low offer amount and they attempt to limit the payout by the insurance provider.

If you are being pushed into a settlement and it does not provide fair compensation, contact the team at Bulluck Law Group for a case evaluation and for the legal representation you need.

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