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How Bulluck Law Group’s Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys Can Help You

In a highly litigious society, protecting the interests of your business is a priority. That’s why having an experienced commercial litigation attorney on retainer is wise. Business law is complex so to ensure you have all your bases covered, seeking out legal help is important.

Practice Areas

    • Commercial litigation covers a range of business issues and problems. At the Bulluck Law Group, our lawyers are experienced in ensuring we represent clients in court and look after their best interests. Here are some of the areas we specialize in:


    • Business torts. This refers to a civil wrongdoing by a business which include fraud, embezzlement, and unfair competition, among other types of business torts.


    • Employment disputes. When employees seek out litigation measures, the case can be complex and long. You’ll need a lawyer to help you out, especially since state and federal laws both apply in such cases. From handling ADA claims and retaliation claims to wage and hour disputes or wrongful termination claims, having a lawyer gives you the legal assistance you need to pull through these cases.


    • Breach of contract. The failure of any business to comply with the conditions and terms of any contract both parties entered into. If you find yourself violating the terms of a contract, your attorney can reduce the damages or penalties you need to pay for.


  • Foreclosure. We have experience representing defendants and plaintiffs. So if you’re looking for lawyers with long-time experience in Florida foreclosure issues, then look no further. We’re here to help.

Why Hire a Lawyer

Long, legal battles can drain your company’s resources if you don’t hire experienced lawyers to back you up. And because you’re worried and frustrated, that could affect your team’s morale and productivity as well. The assistance of a lawyer makes the situation bearable and easier to manage. With a commercial litigation lawyer by your side, you are confident that someone else is handling the legal details of the case for you. That’s tremendous help, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

Work with the Bulluck Law Group

With our team of lawyers experienced and trained in business litigation, you have the help you need to ensure your business is still standing after the case is done. Our initial consultations are free of any charge. After the case is done. Our initial consultations are free of any charge. After that, we’ll determine if an hourly rate or contingency fee is a better arrangement. For more details, contact us.

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