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Buyer Beware: Signs You Need A Tampa Real Estate Lawyer

Buying a home is an exciting time for an individual or a family. In Tampa, and in the surrounding areas, real estate is evolving and finding the perfect home can seem like a true challenge.

Often buyers are so motivated to make a purchase they fail to take the time to ensure the sale is just what they think their realtor may communicate, but they are not a real estate lawyer and may miss some obvious or concealed issues about the sale that will create problems in the future.

There are some key signs, or red flags if you will, that are sure indicators you will need our services. To help identify those signs, let’s take a closer look at potential problems with the purchase.

Old or Distressed Residence

There are a lot of older homes in the Tampa area that are beautifully renovated and maintained. There are also homes that have fallen into disrepair and are potentially beyond the scope of repair. Issues with mold, rot and other structural problems are often not something a buyer considers, especially if not familiar with these matters.

Our attorneys will make sure you have the information required about the condition of the home. As your representative, we can work with your realtor to ensure you are fully informed of all aspects of the home and even work to ensure repairs are completed when required.

Estates and Heirs

Buying a home from an executor of a will, an estate, or from an heir can be a very complicated situation. Establishing ownership and verifying the sale will be important before signing the agreement to purchase. In some cases, the individual selling the home may not have authority to complete the sale, which leads to lengthy legal battles.

Short Sales

Selling a home before foreclosure through a short sale or buying a home from the bank is another potential red flag for a buyer. Our real estate lawyer will review the agreement and work on your behalf to ensure the sale is fair and contains the necessary clauses and language to protect you from any further financial obligations with regards to the purchase of the home.

At Bulluck Law Group we offer support for buyers both in Florida as well as those living outside of the state buying property in the state. Having a real estate lawyer on your side, in conjunction with your realtor, will provide you with the confidence to make the purchase and to know the purchase is in your best interest.

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