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How Do You Deal with a Motorcycle Accident?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says 32,675 people in the U.S. lost their lives to motor vehicle crashes in 2014. If you work that out, the numbers come down to about 10.2 deaths for every 100,000 members of the population.

And with the numbers game at work, that means the more you drive, the more you expose yourself to danger on the road. Sooner or later, you’ll could find involved yourself in an accident.If that happens, the first thing you need to do is get help. Call 911. Then if you can, do your best to put some distance between you and the crash site. Check the condition of the passengers in the other vehicle as well and try to get them to a safe place. Collect personal information from everyone involved. That includes the drivers, passengers and pedestrians—if there are any. Note down the make and model of the motorcycle as well.Find out if there are any witnesses around. Get their statements if you can or if you’re in a position to do so. If you weren’t at fault, then this can prove invaluable later on if you file for a claim. Take a lot of photos of everything. They might come in handy. Don’t forget to write down any of the details you see. Passing observations can be forgotten and you might miss out on a crucial clue.When help finally arrives, have yourself taken to the hospital for a thorough and complete examination. Minor injuries or not, an examination can turn up any other internal injuries you have that might not be obvious.Keep a record of all your expenses. And best to hold off on those bike repairs. Record all the damages, along with a list of everything you’ve spent on doctor visits, repairs and even rental charges for using another vehicle because yours is out of commission. Add the wages you lost because of the injuries you sustained from the accident.

When the other party’s insurance representative starts calling you, don’t take it on alone. Reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa from the Bulluck Law Group. We can help you deal with the legal side of things. With us by your side, you have someone you can trust. We’ll gather the evidence you need to prove your claim while we stand up for your rights in court and do our best to win.

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