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Is There Value In Hiring A Tampa Expungement Lawyer?

There are a lot of things that can happen in life that causes good people to do some very atypical things. When these actions result in arrests and a criminal record, especially if the individual was a juvenile at the time, the results of those few minutes of stupidity can haunt them for years to come.

In Tampa, it is possible to have been arrested but have the charges dropped, or even be arrested by mistake, and still have that information readily visible through public records for employers, schools and anyone who chooses to search.At the Bulluck Law Group, we have experience in working with clients in getting many different types of juvenile and adult records expunged. Our expungement lawyer has experience and expertise in this area of the law, allowing a complete review of your criminal record and an evaluation of your case.

  • Clear Your Record

Those inaccuracies and juvenile charges can be removed from your record by our expungement lawyer. This provides you with a clean record should an employer, college, university or another type of entity complete a criminal records check.

Once the expungement is complete and in place by court order, you will not have to indicate you have been arrested or found guilty if the record qualified to be expunged. Additionally, with increasing ease of access public records, anyone else searching your criminal record would not be able to see the expunged records.

  • Who Will See

While your records will be expunged, they are not completely removed from your criminal record. Law enforcement agencies, criminal courts, and other government agencies will be able to see those records should they do a search.

For those in the United States facing deportation, expunged records can also be used in deportation hearings and proceedings in Tampa or throughout the United States.

  • Special Considerations

Florida, as with all states, does not offer expungement on all criminal records. Our expungement lawyer will be able to talk to you about convictions on the record that cannot be addressed through this process.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about the process, and what types of records can be expunged. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, give us a call today for a free consultation and we can advise you of your next steps if you qualify to have your records expunged.

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