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New Tampa, FL Personal Injury Lawyers

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in New Tampa, FL

Injuries caused by someone else’s negligence can lead to personal injury cases in a number of ways. At our firm, we focus on preparing personal injury cases to win at trial. At Bulluck Law Group, our New Tampa, FL personal injury attorneys understand that personal injuries can cause anguish to our clients. This may include past and future medical expenses and lost wages all while experiencing pain and misery. Our goal is to fight for our clients to regain the maximum damages available to help provide financial relief for medical bills, and lost wages, and where appropriate, punish the wrongdoer. We are proud of the results we have earned on behalf of our clients. With the results we have earned, we have been able to provide our clients with money for medical bills, lost wages, career training, and college tuition for their children.

What Do You Charge?

So that everyone has the opportunity to hire us, we agree to represent clients in personal injury cases using a contingency fee contract. This means that our personal injury attorneys in New Tampa, FL only get paid if we are successful in recovering compensation for our clients. We offer contingency fee agreements to those who cannot afford hourly legal fees for their personal injury case. Plus, we also advance all expenses associated with a case that may include court filing fee, deposition costs, mediation costs, and expert witness fees.

Types of New Tampa, FL Personal Injury Cases We Accept

Our attorneys at Bulluck Law Group have experience preparing and advocating personal injury cases in court. To concentrate our efforts, the below represents the types of personal injury and wrongful death cases we accept.

Wrongful Death
Auto Accident
Motorcycle Accident
Boating Accident
Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident
Dog Bite Injury
Slip and Fall
Truck Accident

When Do I Need A Lawyer?

Whenever you suffer injuries or losses in an accident, you should consult an experienced New Tampa personal injury lawyer.


You may think you can handle the aftermath of a crash all by yourself, without the help of an attorney. However, minor wrecks and injuries could still end up in lost wages, medical bills, suffering, pain, emotional issues, and quality-of-life concerns.

You might be sure about your estimate of accident-related costs, but many people have no idea what the total amount will be when everything is done. That’s due to the fact that most people don’t have the experience of dealing with crashes and injuries. Assuming these amounts will most likely lead to big, costly errors.

Personal injury attorneys in New Tampa, FL see cases like these every day, so they are aware of the true costs that come with accidents and can help you get full reimbursement for your losses.

Moreover, the legal process is complicated. After a wreck, you may want to get back to normal and not have to deal with insurance companies and paperwork. But there’s little chance the outcome will end up in your favor unless you know the law in and out. There’s even less of a chance you’ll get the total reimbursement you deserve.

By hiring an attorney to look out for your wellbeing, you will ensure that your side of the story is heard and that you won’t be held personally accountable and blamed. When there is a capable lawyer by your side, you know your rights are being fully protected and your voice is being heard. Find out more about why you may need a personal injury attorney. Learn more about why you may need a personal injury attorney in New Tampa.

About Bulluck Law Group

As your accident attorney and personal injury attorney, we treat your case as a top priority. David M. Bulluck and the team of professionals at Bulluck Law Group are here to provide the legal representation and support needed in usually very unpleasant and difficult times.

Considerate, empathetic, and experienced, our lawyers will meet with you and talk about your case, providing information on what you can expect from the process and the potential strengths or challenges to your case. We are recognized for providing the best possible representation with the experience and expertise of our award-winning attorneys. Learn more about what makes us different.

For a free case evaluation, please schedule a meeting with one of our Florida personal injury attorneys.

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