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Pre-Existing Injuries And Help From Auto Accident Attorneys

Anyone in Tampa who has been in a car accident knows that the insurance companies look for ways to avoid having to pay settlements. One common way that insurance companies try to avoid fair settlements is to claim that injuries from the accident were actually a result of a pre-existing injury.

At Bulluck Law Group, we have experienced auto accident attorneys representing clients who find themselves caught in this situation. The insurance companies will have legal teams to represent their interests, so it is important to have your own legal representation.

Accurate Medical Information
One of the most important factors for any auto accident attorneys in these types of cases is having accurate medical information. Clients will need to provide information on the pre-existing injuries including any surgical procedures, therapy, medical treatments and routine examinations performed by their doctor.

It will also be essential to have accurate information and medical records on the injury that occurred in the current automobile accident in Tampa or any other nearby cities. New or different types of injuries or pre-existing injuries that were made more significant and can be demonstrated as occurring because of the accident will need to be presented to win the case.

Legal Doctrines
There are legal doctrines that work on behalf of the client as well as those that work on behalf of the insurance company or another party to the accident. This is where our experience comes into play in understanding which approaches to use with each case.

Top auto accident attorneys will always weigh the merits of the case before determining the best approach to the lawsuit. As many of these types of cases will settle out of court, having a strong legal argument in early negotiations can often turn the tide in a case that may initially seem difficult to pursue because of the pre-existing injury.

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