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Challenges In Representing Clients: Tips From A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At the Bulluck Law Group, we represent clients involved in all types of vehicle accidents, including those involving motorcycles. Often these are more significant cases with more severe injuries due to the nature of the accidents and the relative unprotected condition of the motorcycle rider.

Extensive Experience in Representation

In sunny Tampa, Florida, motorcycles are used year round, which results in a higher number of vehicle accidents involving bikes compared to other areas of the country where winter weather keeps bikes off the road for months of the year. Our motorcycle accident attorney has extensive experience in successfully representing motorcycle accident victims as well as their surviving family members.

To help anyone involved in a motorcycle accident, here are the steps our motorcycle accident attorney recommends immediately after the accident. There are also helpful tips to avoid making mistakes that can make your case more challenging later in the process.

  • Get medical attention – if you are seriously injured or if anyone is injured in the accident, call for medical assistance immediately. The 911 operator will ask if you need police, fire or ambulance and it is important to stipulate both ambulances as well as police for immediate response to the accident scene.
  • Call the police – if there are no serious injuries, it is still critical to have police on the scene to file an accident report. Do not skip this step even if the other driver says they don’t want the police or they indicate they will cover the cost of damage to your bike.
  • Don’t talk about the accident – avoid talking about the accident to other drivers or witnesses. Get information about everyone involved and anyone who saw the accident but do not discuss fault, guilt or admit any type of liability for the accident.

It is also important to contact our motorcycle accident attorney as quickly as possible. Our attorney will schedule a meeting to discuss your case and evaluate options moving forward.

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