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Signs You Need A Car Accident Attorney

In many cases, particularly in minor car accidents where there is very minimal damage to the vehicles and no injuries to drivers or passengers, there may be no need for a car accident attorney.

At Bulluck Law Group, we provide a free case evaluation to help clients to understand if the legal representation will be important in their case. Our car accident attorney will review the facts and information and provide you with an understanding of your case, including the strengths and potential challenges you will face going forward.

As a general guideline, there are four issues that can occur in an accident that make the use of an attorney a priority. We can work with you to represent your best interests in these trying situations.

Significant Injuries or Death

If there has been a death or a serious injury to yourself or anyone else involved in the accident, having an attorney will be critical. In cases where someone has been killed in a car accident, we can work with the family to pursue a fair settlement.

Serious Vehicle Damage or Property Damage

In some claims, a car accident attorney will be an asset if there are significant damages to property or vehicles as a result of the accident. An attorney will be needed to gather evidence and prove the case to be fairly compensated.

Multiple Vehicles or Injuries

Multiple vehicle accidents can be extremely complicated and may include lengthy settlement periods. At Bulluck Law Group, we can work with you to ensure you receive compensation using the most expedient process possible.

Non-Cooperative Insurance Company

Many of our clients are trying to deal with insurance companies that are refusing to settle or that are offering limited settlement amounts. In these cases, having our attorney on your side can speed up the process and prevent the insurance companies from making settlement offers that are unfair and will not cover the current and future costs of treatment and care.

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