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What Questions Should I Ask My Thonotosassa, FL Personal Injury Lawyer

After just being involved in an auto accident, it can be unclear what questions you should ask a Thonotosassa personal injury lawyer.  To better assist you in obtaining all important information as you meet with an attorney, here are several questions we believe are important for you to ask at the initial consultation:

1.   Is there more than one party at fault in causing the collision?

2.   In an auto accident case, is the at-fault driver the same person as the at-fault owner?

3.   Also, in an auto accident case, was the at-fault driver within the course and scope of employment, agency and/or performing an activity on behalf of someone else or some other entity?

4.   If the owner of the at-fault vehicle is different from the owner of the at-fault driver, are they both insured under the same auto insurance policy or are there separate insurance policies?

5.   What are the different types of insurance coverage that apply to my case?

6.   What are the policy limits for the different types of insurance coverage?

7.   Are there any other claims arising from the occurrence that would be in competition with my claims?

8.   For medical treatment of injuries related to the incident, how do I get my medical bills paid and how do I pay for my future medical care?

9.   Will the attorney be the handling my case or will I have to speak with a paralegal?

10.   What are the percentage of attorney fees on my potential case, and what happens if there is no recovery?

11.   Who is responsible to pay the legal and court costs on my case?  If my case is not successful, do I have to reimburse the law firm for costs expended on my case?

12.   When is the right time to file a lawssuit on my case?

As the life of the personal injury case continues, there are many other questions that will arise during each phase of the case.  However, the above is a good list of questions to ask a Thonotosassa personal injury lawyer at the initial consultation.

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