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How to Know if You Have a Case

There are many different types of personal injury cases. Knowing what you need to prove in each case can be difficult, as is knowing…

Common Legal Terminology 101

Legal terms can be confusing. Sometimes it feels as if lawyers are purposefully using words that no sane person would choose to utilize. This…

Common Legal Myths Debunked

There are certain legal perceptions, many of which are perpetrated by movies and tv, that are simply untrue. It is important to know facts…

What is Negligent Security?

A claim for negligent security arises when a business owner did not have reasonable security on their premises, and that lack of security allowed…

Premise Liability Law in Florida

Injuries arising from the negligence of property owners is extremely common, and yet is governed by a large set of complex and nuanced areas…

Understanding Tort Law in Florida

Tort law in America is vast and complicated. Yet, it is the main way for victims to gain financial recompense for wrongs committed against…
understanding Florida Tort Law

What Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Cover?

Personal injury attorneys analyze many different types of cases. These cases pertain to situations that involve automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents,…
The team at Bulluck Law Group can help you with various types of personal injury cases.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Depending on the circumstances, numerous persons, including the driver, company, and cargo loader, could all share in liability. One of the scariest experiences on…

Are Car Accidents Common in Florida?

Car accidents are relatively common, but certain precautions can be taken to substantially lower the likelihood of getting into a crash, and mitigate any…

Are Auto Accident Settlements Taxable?

In a car accident lawsuit, money received in a settlement for property damage, medical bills, physical pain and suffering, and emotional distress originating from…
are lawsuit settlements taxable?

Why Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

An experienced auto accident attorney is needed to help you navigate the complicated legal system to guarantee that you are compensated fully for your…
Why you need to hire an auto accident attorney

What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?

When you find yourself in need of a lawyer, you want to make sure you pick someone who’s looking out for your best interests. …

How to Win Your Slip & Fall Case

A slip and fall accident can have serious consequences. According to the Florida Department of Health, falls are: the leading cause of injury and…

The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles

We’ve all seen science fiction shows where cars have autopilot. However, this may actually be a fairly good representation of our future and not…

Your Guide to Basic Florida Trucking Laws

Tractor-trailers are large trucks that carry heavy loads across our country. These vehicles are staples of the American economy and responsible for delivering goods…
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David Bulluck

Bulluck Law Group was founded by attorney, David M. Bulluck. Mr. Bulluck believes in helping those who have been wronged and has built his legal career obtaining justice for individuals and their families in both Florida state courts and federal courts.

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Debbi Bulluck – Business Director

Debbi Bulluck is an original employee of Bulluck Law Group being with the firm since it started in 2008. In her role as Business Director, Debbi manages the daily business operations of the law firm as well as all financial matters related to each client. Prior to joining Bulluck Law Group, Debbi gained significant training

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Kristi Bulluck – Public Relations Director

Kristi Bulluck is a crucial member to Bulluck Law Group as Public Relations Director. Prior to joining Bulluck Law Group, Kristi attended the University of South Florida where she earned her bachelor of arts in mass communications. Upon graduation, Kristi gathered significant experience working with television news stations. She brings this background to promote the cause

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Karmen Pitts

Karmen Pitts joined Bulluck Law Group in November 2016, with seventeen years prior work experience as a legal assistant.  Karmen brings her passion for helping clients through the legal process.


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Thank you so much for all you have done to help us in this unclear and scary situation.  Your professionalism was above and beyond. …


Trial Results and Experience. Our attorneys are experienced in fighting for our clients at trial and on appeal. Based on our results, our attorneys have been recognized with awards and distinctions held by less than 1% of attorneys nationwide and 2.5% of attorneys in this State. To learn more, read about Our Results.


Commitment and Resources. We commit to providing our clients with the best possible result. To do this, our firm has the financial strength to go against large insurance companies. Further, we are equipped with the latest technology and legal decisions to win at trial. Read Testimonials from our past clients.


No Recovery, No Fee Promise. Our promise means what it says. If we do not recover money for you, you will not owe us attorney fees or costs.

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Carol Dunlap

Carol Dunlap joined the Bulluck Law Group in June 2016 as the firm’s advanced certified paralegal, devoting herself 100% to the area of personal injury law.